Monday, November 20, 2006

Conventional Wisdom For Liberals

Every liberal knows that every conservative - especially in places like Mississippi - is a knuckle-dragging homophobe.


Someone tell Fecke:

Okay, maybe I’m just reading too much into things, but did Jonah Goldberg just imply that Trent Lott is gay?

Lott is detail-oriented, collegial with an Old World gentility — as well as a certain sexual confidence befitting a former cheerleader at Ole Miss.

I’m trying to find another way to parse the sentence, and failing.

On the one hand, having read Fecke for about a year more than once ever, that whole "trying to [figure it out]...and failing" thing is kinda par for the course.

So I'll break it down for ya, Jeff: the stereotype male cheerleader is gay (I don't make up the stereotypes; don't bugger the messenger). Mississippians (stereotypically - see above) don't like gay guys. Lott was a male cheerleader. And yet Lott is straight.

This implies a certain amount of confidence in one's sexuality - perhaps inconsistent with being a liberal, but certainly not that hard to figure out.

Happy to help.

I keep trying, and failing, to parse why "moderate" libruls hate gay people so much.

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