Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Greatest Blog Widget Ever

Have you ever lay awake at night, unable to sleep because you don't know or can't recall what KAR's current sidebar blurb is?

Or perhaps you have said to yourself: "Gee those KAR guys are so super-groovy with their neato sidebar quote! I wish they'd write sidebar blurbs for my crappy blog!"

Well, now your prayers have been answered.

As a result of minutes of research and development at the KAR-Nation Useless Technology Labs (KAR-NUTL), alert citizen of KAR-Nation, Troy Johnson, has invented a widget that you can put right on your own blog which tells you exactly what the KAR sidebar blurb is at any given moment.

Made of space-age polymers and crafted with indifferent style, the KAR Quote Alert is the perfect addition to your blog's or ThunderJournal's sidebar. The widget scans KAR every hour or so, so you never have to wait very long to see if the blurb has changed! Every time you view your own web publishing site, you can know at a glance what saying appears in the upper right-hand corner of KAR!


As an added value, the KAR Quote Alert System includes:

* A hyper-link: to magically whisk yourself over to KAR so you can view the sidebar blurb live and in person!

* Lines: to distinctly separate the KAR Quote Module from the other items on your sidebar!

* Code for a separate Gadget custom-made for your Google personal homepage!

* And not much more!

Yes! Now your blog too can have some of the same sophisticated butt-oriented humor that has made KAR a daily read for dozens of people!

To install the KAR Quote Alert System on your blog or ThunderJournal, simply click here and follow the directions.

(To see what the KAR Quote Alert Module looks like see our sidebar, just above the Brewers Magic Number Watch.)

IT'S THAT EASY!!!! And... it's FREE!!!!

How can you resist? Install the KAR Quote Alert System on your blog TODAY!

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