Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Hey - You Think You've Got It Bad? We Just Elected the Communist Party's Endorsee as Secretary of State," and Other Electoral Brain Poopings

DISCLAIMER: If vacant nimrods like Molly Ivins and Garrison Keillor can write weekly condescending screeds for several years about how dumb the American electorate is, then I think I'm entitled to one graf every two years, no? This is it.

Way to go America! In one evening you elected a Congress that will:
  • Allow the tax cuts to expire, possibly causing or exacerbating a future recession (which will the be blame on Bush);
  • Bring about the Vietnamization of Iraq
  • Spend the next two years issuing subpoenas, asking grandstanding 2-minute-long "questions" to witnesses whose answers they are not really interested in and basically just conducting a high-profile fishing expedition which will uncover nothing that was not already known.
  • Nothing else.

Once again, I say: Way to go, America! Did you crap your pants too?

(But then again, on the plus side, two years from now there'll be a whole bunch of Dem Congressional incumbents whose record will consist of nothing more than raising taxes, causing defeat in Iraq, and meaningless fishing expeditions. So maybe this is only a two year thing.)


Now onto the more weighty observations.

* I hope the GOP learns how to win from Amy Klobuchar's landslide victory. Next time, run a mannequin with a determined visage that says little and communicates even less.

But I must be gracious and congratulate Amy Klobuchar on becoming only the second female US Senator from Minnesota. Or the first, if you don't count Mark Dayton.

* If you think about it hard enough, the cognitive dissonance between the rhetoric of race-baiting neaderthals like Keith Ellison's apologists and the results of the Ohio governor and Maryland Senate race could power a small city for a year.

* In the latest in a long line of Minnesota electoral embarrassments, the Communist Party's favorite candidate was elected to the Secretary of State's office. It was one of the worst campaigns I have ever seen. First there was the pedantic niggling about some purported absence of some arcane voting information on the S.O.S. website (Up to 3 gimpy lesbian Downs syndrome voters with dyslexia might be disenfranchised!!!!!!). Then the 527 started running an insipid TV ad showing stock footage of the voting "problems" (let history inform us again that these "problems" were largely manufactured by the Democrat party) from the 2000 and 2004 elections. Of course, left out was the the fact that no such problems ever occurred under the incumbent's watch.


So now we have a S.O.S. who vows to Protect the Franchise, who is endorsed by an ideology that, whenever it was allowed to have its druthers, wasn't all that concerned about the people's right to vote.

Oh, and speaking of which: Ritchie was endorsed by ACORN as well.

I'm sorry - but I have serious problems with the outright intellectual dishonesty (vacuity?), of a campaign thinks that neglecting to state on the official website that a cell phone bill is an acceptable utility bill to prove which precinct you live in is somehow "disenfranchising," but turning a blind eye to lowlifes who want to vote 10 times under 9 assumed names doesn't disenfranchise 9 people who voted the other way. Yet that was the knock on Kiffmeyer: she was paying too much attention to stopping fraud.

A common theme of many - if not all - Democrat campaigns this year was the phrase "the fox is guarding the henhouse."

The people of Minnesota, in their infinite wisdumb, just appointed a fox.

* The beer and NACHOS!!! I had last night have still got me farting.

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