Thursday, November 09, 2006

It was nothing but…

…a good old fashioned ass kicking. There ain’t no other way to describe what happened on Tuesday. Republicans from coast-to-coast had their collective heads handed to them on a big-assed silver platter and deservedly so.

As an observer of American politics, I’m not surprised by what happened. On the contrary, what does surprise me is what didn’t happen.

Where are the cries of the disenfranchised? Surely there were voting irregularities. It can’t be that “every vote was counted” this time, can it.

Where is the ACLU? I’m waiting for them to file suit on behalf of the always-available black man who was beaten and arrested for attempting to vote.

Human rights advocates where are you? Were there not voting machine malfunctions that caused mutilated ballots and hanging chads?

Were there no problems in Florida or Ohio? I thought those states were ground zero in the GOP’s efforts at voter fraud. I heard of “purging” voter lists in Ohio just two weeks ago.

Where are the complaints by the Lefty poll observers that hovered, waiting to pounce on any perceived impropriety?

It certainly can’t be that the problems of 2000, 2002 and 2004 have all been solved. Just recently the Left was complaining about the unreliability of the new electronic voting machines. They told us the election could not be fair because Diebold (the maker of said voting machines) is in the hip pocket of W and his friends.

According to the tin-hat wearing loonies of the Left, the machines were easily manipulated by the maker. They were programmed, I’m sure, to tally a vote – or two – for any Republican regardless of who should have received the vote.

As the results poured in Tuesday night, many observers heard the Left shout a collective, “We win!”

I, on the other hand, heard a collective, “Never mind.”

To those who did encounter problems on Tuesday, who were denied the right to vote, who were turned away for lack of identification, know this:

The Left, the ACLU, Human Rights Watch and every other pain-in-the-ass, blame-America-first organization doesn’t give a damn about you or your problem. All they care about is controlling the agenda and forcing their brand of Socialism down the throats of all Americans.

Side bar: Tim Walz beat Gill Gutknecht in the first district race. When he addressed the people gathered at his victory party he made a very interesting and telling statement that follows. And I share this because what he said is insightful in that it is illustrates what those on the Left really think about those of us on the Right:

"If you know how good we are going to feel, picture for a moment how the rest of the world is going to feel. When they wake up Nov. 8, they're going to look and say, 'The Americans are back.' "

Apparently Representative-elect Walz is of the belief that American’s have not been running Congress over the last several years.

Is he saying Republicans are “un-American”? I think so.

It’s gonna be fun watching this guy for the next two years.

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