Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's back under Hatch's thumb for Dutcher

It’s become painfully apparent why Mike Hatch has been keeping Judi Dutcher under wraps since he named her is his running mate. If you’ve not heard about it, you can see for yourself here.

Then we have the official response from Hatch’s campaign:

Statement of Leslie SandbergCommunications DirectorHatch for Governor November 1, 2006

"As a lawyer in private practice, Mike Hatch helped develop ethanol plants and has always been a strong advocate for the ethanol industry. Judi Dutcher has served for eight years as State Auditor. She has also served over the past four years as the President of a major Minnesota foundation. In that capacity, she is intimately familiar with the financial structure of municipalities and local government. It should not be expected that a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, who has been serving the past four years in the private sector, know all the issues."

I couldn’t agree more with that last statement. However, Dutcher is not your run-of-the-mill private sector executive and ethanol-based fuel is not just any issue in Minnesota.

On the contrary, the ethanol industry and the taxpayer money that props it up have been major issues for a number of years. Including when Dutcher was State Auditor and when she was running for the DFL Gubernatorial nomination in 2002.

To claim ignorance because she spent four years out of government is an insult to every voter in this state. If John Kerry had his way, anyone who falls for the official explanation is in danger of being shipped off to Iraq.

The fact that Dutcher has no clue what E85 is says a lot about her, but that she doesn’t know Hatch’s position on the issue probably says more about him and his hyper-controlling personality.

How is it that a candidate for Lt. Governor has no idea what the ticket’s number 1 thinks about an issue like Ethanol, in a state that produces the product and subsidizes it to the tune of tens of millions of dollars per year?

Either she is a fool or Hatch is a megalomaniac.

We know the latter is true.

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