Thursday, November 16, 2006

Meet the face of Totalitarianism

Dave Warden is a member of the city council in Belmont, California.

He is dictator in training. Totalitarianism is his religion and he is a scary son of a bitch.

If you value freedom you’ll agree that Dave Warden needs to be locked-up for life. To be fair, the entire council should be placed in a remote prison somewhere in northern Russia. That would put them close to their spiritual home.

Wanted for crimes against freedom are:

Mayor: Phillip Mathewson 650.591.1040 (term ends 11/07)
Vice Mayor: Coralin Feierbach 650.593.3550 (term ends 11/09)
Council member: Dave Warden 650.593.3270 (term ends 11/07)
Council member: William Dickenson 650.593.3940 (term ends 11/09)
Council member: Warren Lieberman 650.620.0000 (term ends 11/09)

For those who think I’m joking, I am not. These are dangerous people and need to be removed from society. This is only the beginning.

If you fear the Patriot Act, rest easy, it is local government – such as the Soviet-like Belmont, California City Council – that should cause you concern.

Slimy, freedom-hating, power-hungry, scuzzballs such as this group of little-Stalins take away our rights, bit by bit, and it’s always for “the good of the masses”.

They tell us second-hand smoke is bad and people should not be subjected to it, yet this particular group of Bolsheviks is also banning smoking in the privacy of your own car.

The Communist dirtballs tell us they will still allow you to smoke in your home. Not on your deck, not in your yard, but only in your single family detached home…for now.

The Belmont, California Politburo is working furiously to find a way to enact a ban in your home, too. I can’t prove it, but history is on my side and I will be proven right.

“Hate” is a strong word, but it is not strong enough to describe my feelings for Comrade Mathewson, Comrade Feierbach, Comrade Warden, Comrade Dickenson, and Comrade Lieberman.

They and their like-minded Communist friends are more dangerous than any terrorist and must be stopped.

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