Monday, November 27, 2006

Meet Senator Super Nanny

A new Super Nanny will be sworn-into the Minnesota State Senate in January and she’s bound and determined to protect you against “Big Gift Card”:

…a long-standing DFL proposal to ban expiration dates and service fees on gift cards faces improved prospects in the 2007 Legislature.

"It's a common-sense consumer protection bill that most Minnesotans would support," Rep. Katie Sieben, DFL-Newport, said at a news conference Wednesday.

I guess I’m among the minority of Minnesotans who believe this bill is an insult to the intelligence of every consumer in this state. I, for one, don’t need help from Nancy or any other Nanny-State Leftist.

I can decide for myself whether I want to purchase a gift card from a company that charges monthly fees.

Simply put, Nancy, get the hell out of my life.

For all the talk about the crisis in healthcare and the crisis in education, I find it pathetic that Nancy Sieben is hell bent on taking on an issue that isn’t an issue at all.

The Nanny-State mentality of the Left is truly frightening and anyone who voted for this particular airhead should be embarrassed.

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