Thursday, November 02, 2006

Moron Mail

One of the retarded stalkers over at the Dumpster flogged this letter. All I can say is "Hooray for doctrinal purity!"

I read with great interest the Oct. 28 Blog House that reported that Sixth District U.S. House candidate Michele Bachmann worships at a church affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, which "regards the Roman Catholic papacy as the antichrist."

CLUE: The sole raison d'etre for the Blog House is to give the Strib an excuse to get non-news crap and innuendo from lefty blogs into the paper.

I then watched the Sixth District candidates' debate Saturday evening and heard Bachmann say, when questioned about the Star Tribune item, "my church does not believe that the pope is the antichrist" and "that's absolutely false."

Being a voter in the Sixth District with two children enrolled in Catholic school, my curiosity got the better of me so I did some research by visiting the WELS homepage. I was surprised to find that one of the WELS core doctrines does indeed regard the Roman Catholic papacy as the antichrist.

I am thankful for hearing this before casting my vote and know, as a Catholic in the Sixth District, I will not be voting for Michele Bachmann.


Mmmhmm. I see.

So as a Catholic, with 2 children in Catholic school, I can only surmise that Martha is well versed in, and observant of, all the Catholic Church's teachings and doctrines.

So we can assume that Martha, compelled by church teaching, held Galileo Galilei as a heretic and refused to believe that the planets of the solar system revolve around the sun. That is, she believed as such until 1992, when Pope John Paul reversed that position, and the solar system reverted back to it's current form in Martha's universe.

Oh, and let's not forget about purgatory! I'm sure that Martha is up on all the nuances of Purgatory.

And the stigmata? Transmogrification Transubstantiation? Martha knows all there is to know about those. After all, she is a Catholic, so she must know all the ins and outs of all the nuances and esoteria of the Church, just like Michele Bachmann, as a WELS Lutheran must certainly be aware of those of the WELS sect? Right?

And I'm absolutely positive that Martha slavishly abides by the Catholic rules of natural family planning!

Oh wait:


Being a voter in the Sixth District with two children enrolled in Catholic school...

***end flashback***

She only has two children. So maybe she's not so down with the Rhythm Method.

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