Friday, November 17, 2006

Moron Moronic Spoiled Child Mail

Here we are a week and a half after the election, and the moonbats, not content with their sweeping victories (at least 2 of which were embarrassingly undeserved) last Tuesday, are still bitching that mommy and daddy gave them a Porche rather than the Lotus they really wanted.

Oh no, it wasn't enough to have nearly half of the Strib letters section was comprised of shrieking DFL children bitching about Mike Hatch's loss the day after the election. Today you get a perfect crapfecta of an institutional voice temper tantrum on the subject of the eeeeeeevil Independence Party, and a "letter of the day" authored by a former member of said institutional voice, who's bitchy, dissociative and mirthless wife never has any trouble getting line inches in the Strib to spew her half-informed garbage at the masses.

And given all the noise these juveniles are making about this you can't help but wonder if they'd be throwing similar fits if the third party tacked conservative.

Remember Ross Perot? Anyone? Buhler?

Maybe they're too young - they sure are acting like it. On to Mr. Susan Lenfestey's hissy fit:

Former Independence Party chair Jack Uldrich's apologia for his party's continuing deleterious role in Minnesota electoral politics draws exactly the wrong conclusion from this year's governor's race, in which an IP candidate once again threw the election to Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

No, the voters threw the election to Pawlenty.

Let's hope IP candidate Peter Hutchinson's abysmal 6.4 percent showing, down from Tim Penny's 16 percent in 2002, proves the death of the Independence Party, now a "major party" in name only, and the statewide Green Party as well.

No mention of the Libertarian or Constitution Parties....

Ken Pentel, perennial Green Party candidate for governor, polled 10,850 votes this election, utterly meaningless for "green politics" but more than enough to play spoiler were the election as close as the Senate races in Virginia and Montana.

The DFL Party certainly deserves blame for Hatch's loss. It willfully ignored Hatch's obvious personality flaws and highly public overreaching as attorney general. Nevertheless, 53 percent of voters did not support a second term for Pawlenty.

And an even higher percentage did not support Hatch. I'm curious as to how someone as intellectual and nuances as you undoubtedly believe you are could have missed that little factoid.

Sadly, Hutchinson chose to ignore his real political opportunity. Had he run as the moderate "Clinton" Democrat his record shows he is, he would have pushed the DFL party's endorsement process more toward the center, buttressing state Sen. Steve Kelley's argument during the DFL nominating process that the electorate wanted a more moderate candidate than Mike Hatch.

I doubt it. The DFL is hardly moderate. And the delegates who participate in the nominating process are the truest of true believers. The DFL needs more moderate delegates, not more moderate candidates. Their rejection of Kelly proves that. Nice try though.

Kelley narrowly lost the nomination to Hatch. Instead, Hutchinson's futile IP candidacy once again boosted Republican Pawlenty into the win column, as analyses by WCCO and others have made clear.

Let's hope this time the third-party idea vanishes, and Minnesota [You meant DFL there, right? -ed.] can return to majority rule.

[WARNING - the following paragraph contains yelling. readers are advised to turn down the volume on their browsers.]

Yes because its soooooo much easier to blame your party's failure on a SYSTEM THAT BEEN IN PLACE FOR DECADES than to accept the fact that you ran a shitty cadidate with a temper problem and a hard on for HMOs and little else. It's easy to see why all those people like you, Mr. Susan Lenfesty, would stomp their feet and lash out at "the system" when by the very virtue of the philosophy you ascribe to calls for 'compassion' (as you see it) to be expressed through a vote for some political candidate rather than taking a crowbar to YOUR FAT FUCKING WALLET AND DOING SOMETHING THAT'S ACTUALLY CONSTRUCTIVE YOUR OWN-DAMN-SELF!!!!! HOW DARE THE UNTEACHABLY IGNORANT ELECTORATE AND SOME QUIXOTIC THIRD PARTY STAND BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR CHARITY!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's how children and lazy people behave, Mr. Susan, and it's the only - The ONLY - reason you want to supress a robust third party. Because, for now, it helps your party. Keep in mind that could change: the IP party could tack to the right. In fact, I'd bet on it, given the fact that your diseased braindead party now controls substantial power in both houses of the State Legislature and all but one executive office.

But if that happens, I'm sure this fetid piece of bitter brain turd will be the last we hear from you on the subject right? RIGHT?

Go to your room, you child.


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