Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My name is Dementee and I am a racist

It’s true. I am both a racist and anti-Muslim.

I didn’t think I was, but I came to the realization this morning when I entered my polling place.

I was working my way down the ballot when I came to the 5th Congressional race. I took my pen and voted for someone other than Keith Ellison – the only black and Muslim running.

By not voting for Ellison I have, in the eyes of non-Monkey and other like-thinkers, proved myself to be racist and anti-Muslim.

What else, they would argue, could explain why I am not supporting someone who so obviously deserves it?

It certainly couldn’t be because Ellison fashions his views in the mold of Paul Wellstone, which should scare the hell out of anyone who wants less, not more, government.

It certainly couldn’t be because Ellison is a hypocrite who wants us to accept that he has changed – remember the Nation of Islam - when just two short years ago he refused to give the same benefit to Rich Stanek.

It must be because I hate blacks and I hate Muslims. And if you are both black and Muslim, the hate I feel must be visceral, but I’ll let non-Monkey confirm that.

Funny thing is, I don’t really feel any hatred. I guess that’s the insidious part of it.

All this time I thought it was Ellison’s ideology I despised. Now I know it’s him.

I sure am glad we have sensitive types like non-Monkey to explain why I didn’t vote for Keith Ellison.

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