Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Obsessive-Stalker Blogs Effectiveness at All-Time Low!

The KAR Planning Office for Observing Political Science (KARPOOPS) has crunched the numbers and discovered a promising trend for the GOP, as it licks its wounds and looks toward 2008. The findings are as follows.

GOP candidates that have their own phalanx of obsessed stalkers with blogs beginning with the word "Dump," had an impressive 100% success rate in yesterday's election. And what's more, the average margin of victory of stalked GOP candidates was a whopping 12% (data from here, here and here, current as of the time of this post).

This is a compelling correlation which KARPOOPS anticipates will hold through future elections. Therefore KARPOOPS recommends that all GOP candidates in future elections should endeavor to piss off some fringe element enough to get them to start a Dump / Stalker blog about them. So powerful is this trend, that candidates who do not find themselves targeted by such a blog within one year of election day, should make one up.

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