Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Time for Reconcilliation Is Upon Us

OPG here.

LearnedFoot has hired me as his publicist to handle the fallout from the disgusting display you just witnessed. Mr. Foot wishes for everyone to know that he is truly sorry for any hurtful statements he has made, and that his angry anti-Polish tirade is not really who he is. Mr. Foot will be appearing on several other blogs to apologize to Mr. Sisyphus - a fine and upstanding member of Polish descent - as well as to the millions of members of the Polish-American community.

To supplement the later Mr. Foot will be meeting later today with an ambassador of the Polish-American community, Andy Aplikowski, to start the fence mending progress.

Mr. Foot would also like to open a dialogue with Mr. Sisyphus, but those efforts have thus far been unsuccessful. Sisyphus has retained Gloria Allred as his attorney, and has directed all communications to her.

It's time to let the healing begin. Keep an eye on this post for further updates.

UPDATE: I'm pleased to announce that LearnedFoot has donated $12.32 - that is, 14 cents for every time he used the P-word - to the Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation as part of his Atonement Tour '06. The PACCF is a 501(c)(3) organization that helps to feed the hungry pets of starving Eastern Europeans. What makes this act of atonement especially laudable is the fact that Mr. Foot made the donation anonymously.

UPDATE 2: Learnedfoot has made the rounds on the Local Blog Circuit and posted apologies to Sisyphus and the public at large here and here. Hopefully we can start to put all this ugliness behind us now.

FINAL UPDATE: Learnedfoot has just checked himself into rehab. The Cycle of Contrition is now complete. It is time to put this awful episode behind us and move on.

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