Friday, November 03, 2006

Update on Mrs. Foot

CAUTION: The following post contains medical terminology.

What better thing to write about on a relaxed and frivilous day like a Friday than cancer? And since the Strib didn't poop out any endorsements today - the next best thing to cancer - that topic is off the table.

In any event, with all the encouragement, prayers and kind words Mrs. Foot and I have received since I first mentioned her condition, I figured that I at least owed an update on her condition and progress to those folks.

We met with the surgeon on Monday. (INTERESTING TANGENT: Mrs. Foot chose this surgeon without any input from me out of a list of referrals from her OB/GYN. As it turns out, the surgeon she picked was the very same doctor who treated me several years back for a condition that - well, let's just say, you don't want to hear about it unless your name is "Ryan Rhodes". If you know what I mean. This personal experience and some input from others who know this doctor confirmed to me that she could not have made a better choice.) He was quite upbeat about the situation because it appeared from the mamogram and some other indicia that Mrs. Foot caught this early.

The tumor (I will call it that because "invasive ductal carcinoma" is too hard to type) is small - about 10 mm - and rather smooth. Still, there is a possibility that the lump Mrs. Foot felt is not the primary cancer, or it could be a lymph node. So the doc set up an MRI, which was taken yesterday.

Did I mention that Mrs. Foot is clausterphobic?

Well, it turns out that these fancy modern MRI machines aren't the manicotti tube that she and I had imagined. It was a rather open aparatus that did not at all make her feel like the filling of a burrito. We should get the results back by Monday. From there, it's on to surgery. From what the doctor was able to tell, she looks like a candidate for a lumpectomy. That, of course, could change pending the results of the MRI.

Needless to say, the passage of some time, plus the positive assessment from her surgeon, along with the magnificent support she has received from our friends, family and even KARNation have her - and me - feeling much more upbeat. Everybody who dropped us an e-mail or commented should realize that they have had a positive impact.

I'll post updates as events warrant. Hopefully the news will continue to get better, so that I can start using the word "boobies" in these posts.

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