Monday, November 13, 2006

Your Viking Fan Moron Moment of the Week

Fox's television coverage of the game yesterday included shots of a couple of Vikings fans in the stands dressed up like coach Brad Childress (Reusse mentions them in his column today. The dead tree version of the Strib also has a picture). They had it all going on: fake mustaches, headsets, and a mocked up version of Childress' ever-present lamenated "play menu."

If you looked closely at the "menu" held by the guy on the right, you saw that he had a play on there labeled "Off Tackle". However, his diagram of the off tackle play clearly showed the running back going between the center (for Vikings fans, that's the guy who snaps the football. "snap" means "passing the ball through his legs to the quarterback. The guy who plays quarterback for your team is Brad Johnson. You know; the guy you are constantly calling for to be benched) and the guard (again, for Vikings fans, the guard is the guy next to the center). As anybody who hasn't gotten hit by a hockey puck in the head several times knows, an "off tackle" run is a run designed to go to the outside of the tackle (for Vikings fans, "tackle" is not just a verb; it's also the guy who is next to the guard on the offensive line). What's more, this fan's diagram also has the left tackle going out for a pass.


And that, of course, would be illegal, unless the tackle was declared an eligible receiver. But given the ample evidence that this faux Brad Childress has the typical Viking fan's football literacy, he probably wasn't aware of that rule either.

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