Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another Day, Another Douchebag Troll


It's been - what? (Looking at watch) - six months now, so it must be time for another episode of...


When we last left off, leftyblogger (yet all-around good guy) Mr. Sponge began the process of slowly grinding his blogging to a halt after receiving threats directed at him and his family. Flash forward to yesterday, where failed MOB Mayoral candidate Leo da Psycmeister submits to the semi-psychotic and ridiculously self important (more on that in a moment) pestering from a guy who is obviously uncomfortable with his small penis size:

As of the past month and a half, I have been receiving hatemail and threats from a lefty troll, up to, and including threatening my livelihood. This person portrays himself to be a military ground intelligence officer; but that's all I'll say for now.

Yeah, and I have a 4 foot-long dick.

(It's actually only one foot long, if you must know).

Lets follow that link that Leo provided us, to learn more about this "millitary ground intelligence (sic) officer":

Blog title: Why low-income Republicans are Idiots. Yeah - this guy looks like a Mensa. And look - he has a special message for everybody that clicked through from Leo's post:

Good Golly Miss Molly! I am popular!

I figured with all these new profile views, I should give you all something new to look at!Obviously you all are coming from my good friend Leo's blog. :)

(click) 12 profile views. Wow. A virtual avalanche of the much sought-after attention, that is (compare).

About me: I am a leftie troll filled with hatred. I am communist, a homosexual, an atheist, a wingnut, a donk, a liberal, a leftnut, an islamo-fascist, a fornicator, a purveyor of pornography, trying to remember the other names used, but I didnt get to bed until 4am so the brain is not functioning well.

Obviously an exaggeration. Except for that last clause, which is just as obvioulsy an understatement.

But one thing I am not: A psychologist that calls a mentally disturbed individual (who by the way tragically killed himself) a deluded fool and claimed his suicide was sweet irony and that Darwin's law was working its magic. that's what got Douchebag Troll's undies in a bunch. A blogger writing his opinion. On a blog. About some idiot protester who wanted to kill himself in some grand spectacle only to have nobody notice.

Not the thing I would have written - or written about. In fact, I don't believe I did. But then there are many who wouldn't dream of writing something like this; and still others who would find it offensive. I care about neither class. And they, me. It's a symptom of being well-balanced and sane.

On the other hand, a symptom of being off-your-meds-batshit-looney coupled with a strong self esteem deficit manifesting itself in the actor's desire to fashion himself as some sort of magnificent righter of wrongs (as he in his self-serving way sees them) in the Public Discourse, is to go after his perceived enemy's livelihood:

See...I have a problem with that. A big problem. When a board certified psychologist is posting comments such as that, viewable by children, teenagers, mentally disturbed people, etc this now becomes a public health issue (no it doesn't - it just means that your world - and mind - are way too tiny -ed.).

People are free to exercise their 1st amendment rights. I support that 100%; However, when you are in the position that my good friend Leo is, you have a certain responsibility. Leo seems to think this is a political issue. In reality it is a moral and ethical issue.

Let's remember three things:

1) Leo is a person with a blog who - like everybody else - is entitled to his opinion. The fact that he's also a licensed shrink is completely irrelevant.

2) The purportedly aggrieved party in all this is dead.

3) Leo has a family to support.

So, let's talk morals and ethics, shall we Mr. Douchebag?

Now lets look at what I did:

1) I printed out his publicly posted blog and highlighted his disturbing comments concerning the mentally disturbed man who committed suicide.

2) I mailed those printouts to the school system he works for and to the editorial editor of his local paper.

You know, when you have a milieu like the blogging community (or, for those of us who have set ourselves apart, the ThunderJournaling community) (and people should really start buying into that concept, otherwise I'll send Ryan over to fart in your cubicle), it can give rise to all kinds of annoyances. You've got know-nothing know-it-all shipping and receiving clerks pompously proclaiming their intellectual superiority to highly successful commercial / antitrust litigators who are partners at international law firms. (Oh no, I'm not talking about anyone specific there - nosiree Bob!) You've got the incessant gutter sniping in comment threads. You've got phonies and fraudsters and mirthless jackasses and self-appointed experts all hocking rhetorical loogies at us and dropping intellectual turds on us every day.

But it's all just words. Bandwith. A foul stinking wind of garbage, occasionally broken by a crisp refreshing breeze of a worthwhile idea. Often unpleasant; but rarely harmful. Until you raise the dander of some maladjusted dimwit who wants to inflict an amount of real damage the target of his ire equal to... what exactly?

Civility is too much to ask. But sanity is mandatory. Otherwise, it all goes away.

Leo: keep blogging.

Douchebag Troll: pray your identity remains a secret. Because when you drag some stupid dispute out of a comment thread and into someone's personal life, you can't just put it back there when the law of unintended consequences busts into your reality.

UPDATE: Hey, Douchebag Troll: thanks for stopping by! Now I have your IP address.


CLOSED CIRCUIT TO RYAN RHODES: At first I was puzzled by DT calling me "fat" since I neither am fat nor does he have any visual evidence on which to base that observation. On reflection, I realized that he thinks that picture in the header of you (again, I'm so very very sorry - *snort* *giggle*) is me. Therefore, he is calling you a fatty.

Aside from the fact that I now know where he lives, he'd be even more nervous had he known what context from which that picture of you was lifted.

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