Thursday, December 14, 2006

B Is For Beer - That's Good Enough for Me

BILL: Hey Foot?


BILL: I've finished wrapping the Christmas presents and decorating my holiday pies, so I have found myself with a little extra time.

LF: Splendid!

BILL: Right-o! Anyway, I was thinking that we should take in a little trivia contest at our favorite watering hole this evening. Your thoughts?

LF: I think that's a capital idea!

BILL: Say, old bean, can I trouble you a moment to pose a question?

LF: I say, do proceed!

BILL: Why, praytell are we gabbing about like a couple of British popinjays?

LF: Brilliant!

BILL: ...

BILL: Er, in any event... Shouldn't we do our traditional earworm singalong so as to distract any potential contestants in said trivia contest tonight, thereby bestowing upon ourselves an unfair advantage?

LF: Alas, the practice is tired and worn.

BILL: Do explain.

LF: Indeed. Back in the early days, we would sing and carouse and lend our own personal touch to some godawful distracting piece of aural self-immolation like "Afternoon Delight". The sky was the the limit. We could stretch our creative legs as far as they could reach.

BILL: I see. I see. So what has changed?

LF: The proliferation of YouTube, my friend. The way it used to be, we would have to write out the lyrics of some annoying song by hand, hoping it would fire that insidious neuron in the reader that was familiar with the opus, causing him or her to go absolutely batty. It could be a challenge - always hit or miss depending on the susceptibility of the target. But now... now, all we need to do is this:


LF: See? That's all there is to it. No more minutes of handcrafting a post to assert our will. Now, you merely cut and paste a line of embed code into your blog, and - voila! - instant earworm.

BILL: How barbaric!

LF: Indeed. We've become an instant-gratification society. While this has certainly saved time allowing for more refined pursuits, I fear we may have traded our souls in the bargain.

BILL: *sigh*

LF: *sigh*


BILL: I say! Why don't you give it a run, Dementee old friend!

LF: I concur!

DEMENTEE: OK!!!!!! HERE GOES!!!!!!!!!

BILL: Capital effort old boy!

LF: Brilliant! I can already taste the Guinness!

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