Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beyond Moron Mail

Is it possible that this chick is pulling our legs?

There is something seriously wrong with a judicial system that gives a 21-year-old life without the possibility of parole ("Killer sentenced to life in prison for Block E slaying," Dec. 12).

He blew out an innocent man’s brain and she’s broken up because the sub-human punk has been sentenced to spending the rest of his life playing the role of Wife to his cellmate?

Derick Holliday had never even been arrested before. He could be any of our sons. Yes, he should pay for what he did, but life without the possibility of parole goes way beyond reasonable.

He could be any of our sons? I don’t think so. Most of “our sons” don’t and won’t chase someone down a crowded city sidewalk, or anywhere for that matter, firing a weapon.

And I would love to know what this brain-dead woman considers a “reasonable” punishment for putting a bullet into the brain of a guy who was doing nothing more than enjoying an evening out with friends.

A senseless, horrible act, yes. A senseless, horrible sentence, as well.

A senseless horrible opinion, yes. A screwed up broad with no sense of right and wrong, most definitely. A messed up dame with misplaced compassion, no doubt. A fucked up bitch who should be barred from expressing any future opinion, hell yes.


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