Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Captain's Quarters Gives No Quarter to Hind Quarters

In this highly charged divisive atmosphere we currently inhabit, I thought the one issue that we could all unite on and rally around would be thongs in comic strips. Sadly, not even that appears to be the case:

I have run the Day By Day cartoon by Chris Muir for around two years at Captain's Quarters, and I constantly receive e-mail on the strip. It's about evenly split; I get equally passionate missives about its content in either direction. Yesterday, however, Chris depicted the 40ish female character Sam in nothing but a thong and a come-hither look, which brought an especially impassioned set of e-mails from CQ readers.


As for yesterday's entry, I think Chris went over the top.

This disappoints me. I hereby challenge Captain Ed to a debate about the relative merits of thong depictions in comic strips at a time and place of his choosing. I will keep this invitation open indefinitely until I can finally bring him into the light on this issue.

Furthermore, in the grand tradition of the "Coalition of the Chillin'", the "Coalition of the Illin'", and the "Coalition of Growing a Pair", I have chartered the "Coalition of the Strippin'" for all those millions of likeminded pervs who think the appearance of thong-clad chicks in comic strips should be a regular occurrence.

Hopefully I can get a logo done for public use soon.

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