Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I’m trans-fat free.

The paternalistic piss-ants at the Star & Sickle are all in favor of the forcing the trans-fat ban down the throats of restaurateurs and their patrons.

Big f$&%ing surprise.

Apparently trans-fat is bad for you and that’s all the reason the hopefully soon-to-be-ex editorial board need to ask government to take it away from you and me.

I hate the assholes with all my being.

Their editorial is full of the most worthless ass droppings I’ve read in a long, long time:

Arguing that restaurant diners should simply choose well or badly and live with the result may sound sensible, but in practice it's hard to know enough to choose -- and awkward as can be. Pose just a few questions and you'll see where this could go: Do the muffins contain trans fats? How about the pie crust? The lemon cake? Oh, and what do you fry the walleye in again? It's a waiter's nightmare.

Once seen as a wonder ingredient that would protect shelf life while providing the "mouth feel" that people relish in baked goods, artificial trans fat has proved to be a health menace. It needs to fade from use, and protecting those who eat out is a logical next step.

If nothing else, they never fail to illustrate their complete mistrust of the human race.

I don’t need your goddamned protection and I doubt waiters are awake at nights worried about memorizing ingredients.

Because you jackasses are too myopic to come to any conclusion that doesn’t include more regulations from your precious Government God, I’ll take a stab at it.

What if an enterprising restaurant owner differentiated his/her establishment by putting a little symbol next to the items that contained trans-fat?

Notice how my plan keeps government out of it. Let the restaurant decide and the consumer choose which restaurants they will patron.

I pray the new owner looks at the tripe you’ve been spewing on the editorial page and performs a big old enema on the impacted bowel that is the editorial board.

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