Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Hate Minnesota Nazis

If Minnesota Nazis shoot at black people and cops, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Around 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 9, along the 3500 and 3600 blocks of Bryant Avenue North were awakened by gunshots.

You look like you could use a subject...

What started out as the dispersing of young blacks turned into an ambush by neo-Nazi gunmen who opened fire on both police and blacks.

Wow. Now that's a story! I wonder why nobody's ever heard of it.

For days, residents waited for news coverage. As of the writing of this column, all major news outlets have declined to report this terrorist activity that will live in infamy in the black community.

OK. So you've got Nazis shooting at black people and the police, and not one newspaper, TV outlet or, say, crimeblog picks up on it. Something smells here. I foresee a long righteous screed in the near future of this post tearing the MSM a new one!

Why infamy? Because of the nullification and reversal of how police respond to blacks by shooting them.


I'm sorry. Reading that sentence just resulted in the nullification and reversal of a sip of Pepsi, by shooting it out my nostrils.

We have asked police to respond with maximum restraint until they are sure instead of shooting first and finding suspects unarmed later. Despite these white neo-Nazis firing on them, the police did not return fire.

"We"? You mean it took more than one of you to formulate that sentence about police responding to blacks by shooting them?

Back on task: so Nazis shoot at cops, and cops don't return fire. Therefore, the cops must be Nazis too!

We're through the looking glass here, people.

Undisputed facts: On Dec. 9, when White neo-Nazis fired on black youth and police officers, the police response was no use of guns. On Dec. 14, at the regular meeting of the Police Community Relations Council (PCRC), Police Chief Tim Dolan was asked by me, in my role as co-chair, pursuant to Article 2.28 of the Federal Mediation Agreement, if any critical incidents, including but not limited to public unrest, had taken place.

So the first "undisputed fact" is the same assertion made in the first paragraph which was supported by neither eyewitness accounts nor any publicly available complaint. Not to mention that it defies common sense. Cops generally don't wait for a perp to start shootin - Nazi or not - before they drop the fucker in a hail of bullets that'd make Al Capone demure.

The second undisputed fact is that this lunatic asked the Police Chief a question.

I am starting to pine for the journalistic quality of NonMonkey.

Interim chief's response: No use of truth.




LearnedFoot's response: no swallowing of Pepsi.

To our shock and dismay, he said there were no critical incidents to report, even though Deputy Chief Allen had been at the ambush scene.

How about an on the record quote from Deputy Chief Allen? A witness? Anything?

I'm beginning to think that anti-MSM screed I predicted at the top of this post won't materialize. At least not from me.

More amazing facts/smoking guns: Senior black officers (sergeant and above) were not made aware of this ambush that started with young black folk being told in this incident to get out of the neighborhood. After police stormed the house on the 3600 block of Bryant Avenue North, the suspects fired on the police and African American citizens, shouted racial epithets, and displayed their defiance by threatening to kill police and African American citizens.

Oh, and another thing: how does this guy know they're Nazis? I mean, Michael Richards shouted racial epithets, but he's not a Nazi. Charles Manson has a swastika carved into his forehead, but he's not a Nazi. What witness to this incident - er, excuse me; I believe that at this point in the story it is appropriate to start using scare quotes -

"incident" described the alleged perps as "Nazis"?

Yet, no shooting response. And no follow-up media reports.

Thus, another disturbing smoking gun: The decision of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and all major media in this town to not report this attack of white neo-Nazis on young blacks and the police.

That's a powerful smoking gun: a newspaper not running a story about an incident that never happened save for the allegations of some delusional reporter - excuse me - "reporter" for a black activist newspaper who wasn't even there. In the legal profession, we call this "motion for summary judgment granted."

According to a reporter at the Star Tribune, the interim chief, when asked four days later about this ambush shooting incident, said it was false as no such incident had taken place, stating that this columnist didn't know what he was talking about.

I wonder if it was NonMonkey. He knows stuff.

But truth will out, as in this confirming smoking gun: Complaint #06344581, issued by the Hennepin County Attorney's office on Dec. 11, charging two white neo-Nazi gunmen with terrorist and felony acts.

Finally! A source! Could someone please run downtown and get that complaint? Since I'm confident that this guy is not going to quote from it and merely require us to take his word for it.
I'm sorry. But people who shoot at cops tend to end up in the morgue rather than on a docket.

Part of the coverup was the deployment of supervisors from the Second Precinct rather than the African American commander in whose Fourth Precinct the incident took place. And so, four days later, the African American commander had not yet been informed about this attack in his precinct.

In fact, this incident had been so closed down that, on the early morning of Dec. 9, just six hours after the ambush, at the roll call of the Fourth Precinct, there was no information provided about the ambush attack. We have been absolutely startled by the coverup and by the desperate attempt to suppress the threat now posed against police and African American citizens.

If you are a white cop who has been shot at by Nazis, KAR wants to hear from you. Likewise, if you are a black cop who has been kept in the dark about incidents involving Nazis shooting at white cops, please leave a comment.

Despite the danger and risk to the department's own officers, the chief does not seem concerned about them. But we in this column are, just as we are certainly concerned about the African American community and the threat against its safety.

But sympathies for these neo-Nazis has won out.


Ha! Fooled ya'. I learned my lesson earlier and stopped drinking my Pepsi while reading this dreck.

Jeez-o. Beez-o.

Even if I were a Nazi sympathizing cop, I am fairly certain that sentiment would be quickly subordinated to my self-preservation instincts if my fellow Nazis started shooting at me. And shortly thereafter, I'd kill the asshole.

And that's only the beginning of the cognitive dissonance. Not only are the cops black-hating, mouth-breathing neo-Nazi sympathizers, but so is -

- sit down:

Why a day of infamy? Because the Strib and police want to maintain the myth that only blacks are a danger to the peace, that white neo-Nazi guns don't really exist, as both paper and police obscure and distort rather than inform and report. It appears that this department needs to be placed in federal receivership after all.

The Strib hates black people!!!!!!!!!!

Through. The. Looking. Glass.

Think about it from the standpoint of a ThunderJournalist. This is a win / win situation. On the one hand, Syl Jones will feel compelled to stop writing commentary droolings for the Strib because of their neo-Nazi sympathies. On the other hand, every time their editorial pooper outers issue another "diversity uber alis" missive, we can wave this article in their face and accuse them of being hypocritical Nazis! Oh, brave new world!

OK...maybe not this article.

ONE FINAL NOTE: crystalize my point.

Ron Edwards? Meet Occam's razor. For your conspiracy theory to be true, all of the following would also have to be true:

1) Chief Dolan lied about the incident.

2) Deputy Chief Allen lied about the incident.

3) Every single white officer privy to the incident kept their mouths shut.

4) Every single black officer was either a) in on the thing with the Nazi sympatizing police; or b) kept in the dark about a raid on a house that resulted in officers taking fire.

5) Officers under fire refused to defend themselves and others present.

6) Both major local newspapers and all 4 local TV news outlets refused to cover a story that involved 1) Nazis 2) opening fire at cops and black people 3) in Minneapolis...

And regarding (6): at least one of those newspapers felt the need to cover an expunged domestic violence charge against a longshot congressional candidate running against a black person based on an incident that all parties involved conceded never happened.

UPDATE: The kernel of truth that pricked this "reporter's" imagination here. Apparently City Pages does like black people. Well, it was just a blurb, so maybe they like them just a little bit.

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