Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Islam Uber Alles

The position of CAIR is clear: Follow the rules below or be destroyed.

1. Speak no ill of Islam
2. Speak no ill of Allah
3. Speak no ill of Muhammad
4. Speak no ill of any Muslim
5. Build Islamic prayer rooms wherever we demand – airports, etc.
6. Do not ask that “mainstream” Muslims denounce Islamofascist homo-suicidal bastards for killing innocent people
7. Allow Islamic employees to pray whenever necessary regardless of how it effects your company
8. Do not question the motives of any Islamic group or individual.

CAIR has decided this column makes Dennis Prager Public Enemy Number One and the chicken-shits at the Anti Defamation League are falling into line “calling Prager's comments "intolerant, misinformed and downright un-American."

Prager is Un-American for stating his opinion?

You tell me which is more un-American Prager stating an opinion in the “marketplace of ideas” or CAIR for lying about what he wrote and trying to destroy him for it.

These bastards are attempting to destroy a man who is one of the most thoughtful and reasoned thinkers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading or listening to. And anyone who have ever taken the time to consume his material will come to the same conclusion – whether you agree or not with his positions.

CAIR is filled with lying sacks of shit who care only about advancing their own agenda. They don’t give a damn about “American Islamic relations”. Their only goal is to force US to follow the above rules.

It’s simple really: Follow the rules or be destroyed – first by reputation and, finally, by death.

Allah akbar, my ass.

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