Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moron Mail

Now where were we? Oh yeah..."civil discourse":

I wish to register strong objection to the characterization of Dennis Prager as a "gasbag." Such sloppy language only confuses readers.

Your editor's style manual should clearly indicate that Rush Limbaugh is the "Viagra-smuggling, drug-addled gasbag," just as Ann Coulter is the "junk-toting stick figure" and Bill O'Reilly is the "loofah-wielding phone-sex enthusiast."

And "creepy union busting hypocrite demagogue" Nancy Pelosi, and "smug little prick photographer assaulter" Sean Penn, and "fat assed lying gelatinous blob of shit" Michael Moore and "two-time grad school dropout who nonetheless fancies himself an expert in climate science" Al Gore...

Ha! This is fun! And it takes so little brainpower to boot.

Dennis Prager is merely a "right-wing blowhard" and should be referred to as such until some revelation of drug abuse, sexual deviance or moral hypocrisy offers him a chance to expand upon the lexicon of his personal appellation.

Because God only knows that being a "stagflation encouraging, radical Islamic takeover welcoming, jack rabbit fearing" president like Jimmy Carter is much less abhorrent than a radio commentator that got hooked on painkillers after having surgery! Moral "hypocrisy" is so much more dangerous than abject stupidity.

Please try to keep these labels sorted correctly in future editorials. Thank you.

"Shallow, unoriginal, dimwitted prattling jerkass" ROBERT ALBONER, MINNEAPOLIS

And lest you think Mr. Alboner was taking a backhanded swipe at the Strib, I invite you to probe around his various and sundry brain poopings (search narrowed for easier probing) You'll find it quite easy to infer that the back of his hand is obviously aimed in the other direction.

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