Monday, December 11, 2006

Moron Mail

Ohfercryinoutloud. Just. Go. Away.

Although John Kline is wrong about most other points he makes in his commentary about the all-volunteer military, he's right about one thing: Our current forces are the finest this nation has ever fielded. No one attributes losing the "war on terrorism" to their exemplary service.

"Losing" the war on terrorism? "Losing"?

The campaign's over Colleen. You can stop poopering out all that Lackoffian empty nonsense the party's been feeding you.

But as more American troops give up their lives, our national security continues to nosedive, due to the wrongheaded political decisions of (mostly civilian) Bush administration neocons and ardent Republican rubber stamps like Kline himself.

I see she's unwilling to take my advice:

National security "nosediving"

Republican "rubber stampers"

"wrongheaded" decisions of...


How did someone with the compelling intellectual heft displayed here end up losing by 15 points?

Every time Kline repeated lies about WMDs in Iraq or went on Green Zone junkets to falsely proclaim "progress" in order to shore up political support for Bush, he damaged our national security.


"Falsely proclaim."

"Damaged national security"

Do you even write your own copy?


Oh that's right - your pounding at the polls was due to the fact that you're ugly. Or a woman. Or an ugly woman. Or something.

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