Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moron Mail

Regarding the stroke (or whatever) suffered by Dem Senator Tim Johnson:

If I were a Dem Senator I would be watching my back, keeping a log of people and places I've been, and for god's sake staying away from small planes and radioactive substances.

This smells to me of assassination attempt, and it may yet be successful.

Oh Karl Rove you are a evil genius. Here is our October surprise in December. Thanks. You always come through.

Its a sad comment on this Administration that the first thing I thought was that this was a White House Kremlin job to keep control of the Senate [No, it's a sad comment on your sanity and grasp of reality. -ed.]

"Bad luck"? Yeah. Just like what happened to Wellstone was "bad luck."


OK - you got me. There is no such place as Hooterville, MN, and this really wasn't an actual letter to the Strib.

It is, however, an amalgamation of comments posted in a thread at HuffPo that I cut and pasted into a Moron Mail format. I'm willing to bet that the retarded gnomes at the Democratic Underground Homepage (DUH) are already working on the second or third draft of Rove's murder indictment. Preservation of my own sanity prevents me from visiting, though.

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