Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nice backhand

The pointy headed pricks at the Star & Sickle have outdone themselves and shown their absolute contempt for all things religious – Judeo-Christian that is – in the process.

Julie Haberle does not buy the theory of evolution and she’s put up a couple of billboards that say so.

Now the S&S and others are unleashing their vitriol on her and they are doing so in the usually smarmy way: patting her on the head with one hand and slapping her face with the other.

Julie Haberle sounds like a wonderful woman, fun to have as a friend and neighbor, and we salute her for taking this country's cherished freedom of speech to heart with her creationist billboard and website. But ...

Do any of you think for a minute that any of the PHP’s would like to have Julie as a neighbor, let alone a friend? They would sooner rip their fingernails out by the roots than spend five minutes in the same room with her. And this bull about saluting her: what a crock of shit. They no more salute her for exercising her freedom of speech than they do anyone they disagree with.

Biggest problem here is that these people hate religion. They flat out hate anything that even smells of faith or belief in God – except for Allah they won’t bring him up for fear of having their printing presses fire bombed by followers of the Religion of Peace.

Haberle's logic is deficient in one other way worth mentioning: She seems to suggest that her creationist belief has special cachet because she started out in the other camp and by dint of her intellect came to see the light.

Nice assertion but it is a lie. The original story does nothing to suggest such a claim by Julie. This is what the story says: Julie Haberle, 55, said she once believed creationism "was absolutely nuts" and has over the past nine years come to the contradictory conclusion that "evolution is just silly." Someone please show me the claim of superior intellect.

Reason doesn't work that way. Where you started doesn't matter. Only where you ended is significant, and that significance is only as meaningful as the proof you can offer. Where creationism is concerned, there is no proof, only belief.

Money quote: You who have faith are fools, ignorant fools who believe in a fairy tale. You have no proof of God and, therefore, you cannot logically claim the existence of Him. And for those who’ve found God later in life, like those who have overcome an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, you’ve been snookered as far as the PHP’s are concerned. Your faith is insignificant because there is no proof upon which you base it.

How’s that make you feel? I can’t wait to go to church on Christmas and sit with the other Catholic fools who believe in the risen Christ.

To all of my fellow fools: Merry Christmas.

To the PHP’s: Happy Diversity. And may God have mercy on your souls.

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