Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Positive Trend in Comic Strip Thong Appearances

I, and millions of others like me, have often felt that there needs to be more depictions of hot chicks wearing thongs in comic strips. So I was cheerfully enthused when cartoonist Chris Muir was the first (in my knowledge) to break the elusive Comic Strip Thong Barrier, and expressed my hope that this new ribaldry would become a trend.

Happily, that appears to be the case. Unfortunately, the front of the underthing is away from the readers perspective, so there is no way to tell whether or not it the lady is wearing a KAR Thong like I had suggested.

But that's just a minor quibble. KAR Thong or not, this is an encouraging trend. Yes - I say "trend" intentionally. I have taken to time to plot the occurrences of thong-clad women in Day by Day, and as you can see, the pattern is striking:

As illustrated by this graph, there is a relative stability of thong occurrences at 0* until very recently. Only in the last couple of weeks have we seen an enormous spike in the frequency of cartoon thong depictions, as evidenced by the "hockey stick" or "line boner" shape of the graph plot points. Given this obvious trend, we at KAR can project the number of comic strip thongs to proliferate into the thousands by the end of the century.

* Spotty data about thong frequency in Day by Day is available prior to November of 2006, since The KAR Cartoon Thong Research Team didn't read the strip on a daily basis until it discovered the first thong anomaly two weeks ago. Therefore the results of the survey depicted in the graph above should not be considered conclusive.

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