Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blog for Uranus 2007 - Iron Maiden Can Teach Us a Lot About Uranus

Out of the silent planet, dreams of desolation
Out of the silent planet, come the demons of creation --Iron Maiden

Up the Irons?


Up Uranus!

I am proud to be taking part in the first annual Blog for Uranus with a panoply of other wonderful bloggers from around the world country region state. I think that the importance of Uranus cannot be overstated, and am gratified that so many others feel likewise. I will continue to update the bottom of this post with links to all of the Blog for Uranus posts as I become aware of them.

So, what does Uranus mean to me?

I remember those first pictures of Uranus I saw on TV 21 years ago today. I recall feeling a simultaneous sense of wonder and revulsion. Wonder because, through the miracle of human ingenuity and curiosity, we were seeing something from a perspective that we had never seen before. Revulsion, because Uranus is a cold, dark and forbidding place unhospitable to humankind.

For every gasp of amazement provoked by those photos, I would remember that its massive gravity would tear you in half before you even had the chance to choke to death on Uranus' poisonous gasses. It was a self-teachable moment of sorts. I realized that Uranus was meant to be marveled at from afar. The closer you regarded Uranus, the less wonderous and more ominous it appeared. Even Voyager 2 had the good sense to keep 50,000 miles - approximately the diameter of two earths - between itself and Uranus.

Dreams of desolation; demons of creation, indeed.

While the human yearning for discovery and adventure is one of the most positive traits of our species, I still believe that there are some things that should remain mysterious and foreboding. Uranus is one of those things.



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