Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chickenhawk This Fuckball

Yay! The most intellectually vacant trope since John Kerry's candidacy is making a resurgence. Today, you've got a letter to the Strib (see the poop nugget signed by one Alvin "Boner" Ghyl!n), and the ever-present self-important leftyboner (spoofed) resurrecting year-old Kos droolings, farting out the same old snotty rejoinder: "Meh! If you love the war in Iraq so much, then why dontcha marry it fight in it?? Meh!"

'Course when you point out that there may in fact be more conservatives fighting over there than drooling retard know-it-all leftyboogers, you're ignored. And really why should they respond, since the whole "argument" such as it is, is merely a device to get the other side to shut up.

Really guys, do all these short cuts to thinking actually save you any time? (If you bother to read the gusty, over-long, interminably dull post linked above, you'll find that the answer is obviously "no.") I suppose you could fashion quite a list of issues to hang these turds on the gallows of their own logic in areas such as industry regulation, law enforcement, taxes, poverty in Africa ("join the Peace Corps hippie!"), farm subsidies, tort law and so on. Or maybe we could scare them into dropping the whole thing by observing that if we all went off to Iraq, there would be no one left here for them to condescend to. This could lead to a jump in leftyboner suicide rates, seeing as from all appearances their self-esteem is built solely on the number of times they've pwn3d a wingnut in some disturbingly vacuous comment thread.


No. The best way to respond to this sort of drivel (again) is to meet it on the same intellectual level of discourse:

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