Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A damn fine question

I will not be silent!

From the SPPP:

I just have to wonder: How many of the people who are outraged over airport cabdrivers who refuse certain fares due to (Muslim) religious beliefs think it's only reasonable to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill certain prescriptions due to (Christian) religious beliefs?

St. Paul

Good question, Janna. I’ve not weighed-in on this subject as of yet - The anti-booze Muslims that is – and it is high time I do.

Consistency being the hallmark of a superior mind, I have no problem with Muslim cabdrivers who refuse fares due to religious beliefs. Furthermore, I’ve gone on record in the past defending pharmacists who do not distribute contraceptives because it goes against their faith.

Having the freedom to practice your religion is a wonderful thing. More countries ought a try it.

But freely practicing your religion, or any other Constitutional right, does not protect you from consequences - Like when the chubby Dixie Chick shot her mouth off and Country Music radio stations flushed the Chicks’ CDs. Her pudgy cheeks shook when she complained about being censored and having her first amendment rights violated. All her crying did was prove that she is as stupid as she is chunky – and that is the opposite side of the same coin.

Their rights were not violated in the least – which is where her stupidity comes in – because no radio station and no consumer is obligated to buy their twanging tripe or attend their overpriced Ho-downs. Forcing such purchases would not only violate the free speech of consumers – SCOTUS says money is speech and only government could mandate such spending – I submit it would also violate any UN anti-torture treaty on the books.

Back to my point: let the cabbies and pharmacists practice their religion and let them live with the consequences.

If the cab company loses money because Ahmed refuses to give a lift to the guy who just returned from the UK with a six pack of Old Speckled Hen, his boss should have the right to fire his ass.

That way the boss can find a driver who will make the company more profitable and Ahmed can spend more time on his knees in the mosque.

It’s a win-win and my consistency is still in tact.

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