Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From President to Chicken-Shit

Jimmy Carter is a USDA Grade-A Chicken-Shit. He’s so damn proud of his new book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”, and so damn sure it is not anti-Israel, as many have claimed, he refuses to have a real discussion of debate on the subject.

‘Cmon Mr. Peace-wager, where the hell are your guts?

Where’s the spine you displayed when you dealt so harshly with the Iranian terrorists who took your fellow Americans hostage?

Where’re the balls you had when you stood up to Hugo Chavez and declared to the world that his reelection was a farce and that’s he’s nothing but a Communist thug in training?

What’s that? None of that happened. So Carter has no guts, no spine and no balls.

It’s no wonder he wend to Brandeis University for a:

“tightly controlled discussion was planned, with 15 questions selected in advance. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz had also hoped to debate Carter but was told he would not be allowed inside.”

Way to stand up for your beliefs, Mr. Presidud.

You candy-assed mass of rectal discharge

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