Monday, January 08, 2007

Header Footnote

I won't be silent. As you may have already observed, I have temporarily taken the responsibility for KAR's header art. The Ryan Rhodes farting image remained atop this fine ThunderJournal for far too long, and I felt something needed to be done before he got exasperated with the whole thing and came to my home to fart in my living room in retaliation.

I assumed this duty because I fear our Art Director, the Notorious B.I.L., has gone missing. A couple of weeks ago, Bill informed me that the construction his new home was finished, and that he would commence moving into it on December 31. Now, here we are some 8 days later - ample time to unpack his computer and resume cranking out tasteless photoshops of Kool Aid Guy - and nobody has seen hide nor hair of him. I imagine a nightmarish scenario in which his moving van jackknifed and tipped over, burying him under hundreds of pounds of wrapping paper, Scotch tape and elegantly decorated pies. I sincerely hope that he packed enough meringue and assorted gourmet wild berries to sustain him until help arrives.

Until help does arrive, I shall continue doing the banner art. I hope you enjoy it. Given the chance, you may find my minimalist approach with a streak of Dadaism more satisfying than Bill's more literalist, Postmodern oeuvre. Or not. I don't care.

Just pray for Bill's safe return.

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