Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A letter to Governor Kathleen Blanco

Dear Gov. Blanco,

Shut the hell up, get off your ass and do something for your state. You and the jerk mayor of New Orleans should spend more time helping the folks who were damaged by Katrina and less whining and crying about what the Feds aren’t doing.

Please inform me, if you can, what is the proper protocol for mentioning hurricanes in the State of the Union Address? For how many years following the storm is a president required to mention the name and states that hit?

Another question if I may: why is it I don’t hear the same pissing and moaning from the Governor of Mississippi? They were hit pretty damn hard as well, but I’m not seeing Haley Barbour taking to the microphones, handkerchief in hand weeping about being abandoned by the President.

Near as I can tell the good people of Mississippi are moving forward rebuilding their homes and businesses and, funny enough, I’m don’t hear a whole lot of the “you owe us” bullshit I’m hearing from Louisiana.

You are a pathetic leader Governor Blanco and your state and constituents are worse off for it.

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