Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Meme Everyone Can Get Behind

Yesterday, feminists, lefties of all stripes, and desperately lonely male losers looking to establish their feminist cred to the former two in order to get laid, engaged in the "Blog for Choice" to commemorate the thirty-somethingth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Bloggers from across America wrote essays about what "choice" means to them. It was all quite touching, really.

But it occurs to me that there are more important things to celebrate than the constitutional right to dismember fetuses. For example, humanity has excelled to create new technologies and expanded its breadth of knowledge about our world and the universe we inhabit exponentially in the past century. This ThunderJournalist thinks that we ought to applaud discovery and the creation of knowledge, rather than meditate on the destructive.

As it so happens, tomorrow, January 24, is the 21st anniversary of Voyager 2's closest pass of the planet Uranus. Little was known about that mysterious bluish planet before that. the Voyager flyby unlocked many secrets about Uranus. It discovered new moons and obtained detailed photos of the planet's rings. Voyager 2 was a testament to the ingenuity of the human spirit, and the stunning pictures of Uranus it captured stand as a powerful symbol of that.

Therefore, I am declaring tomorrow to be Blog for Uranus day. I think it would be groovy for anyone out there with a blog or ThunderJournal to write a short meditation about the importance of Uranus and what it means to you. I have even created a small graphic for you to include with your essay. Feel free to steal it.

Tomorrow, I will be blogging for Uranus. Will you?

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