Monday, January 08, 2007

Moron Mail

I won't be silent.

It smells like ass in here.


I wonder where it's coming from.


Aha! It's a turd:

Regarding "Joe Churchgoer is better than Sam Secular" (Opinion Exchange, Jan. 5): Would someone please explain to Jonah Goldberg that the so-called noncaring secular blue states provide welfare to the so-called "better" religious red states by paying more in federal taxes than they receive back in return? The opposite is true, of course, for the subsidized red states.

Holy speciousness Batman! There are so many things wrong with that assertion, I hardly know where to begin.

First you've got a certain obliviousness to the whole logistics of these expenditures. Like, for instance, how the miles of Interstate 80 (funded by federal Defense Dept. dollars) that run through red states like Iowa, Nebraska etc. far outdistance those of that highway in blue state California. Yet California also benefits from the federal money poured into the upkeep of I-80, because all of those semis bearing free-range chickens and tofu-grade soybeans from the heartland to the Castro district of San Francisco need some paved right-of-way to get there.

I'm sure you can think of other examples of how Turd's hamfisted, self-serving methodology ripped straight from some DNC memo (I've heard this meme before, but can't remember where) is an insult to the intelligence of, well, everybody. But the more cogent problem with it is how this buttknuckle views generosity.

The generosity Goldberg was referring to was charity. That is, individuals who gave freely of their own fortune and time to those they saw in need. Charity is a personal virtue. And it is a virtue that can only be considered virtuous if it is freely given without the presence of either basely selfish ulterior motives or coercion.

But what this steaming pile refers to is tax dollars. Dollars taken (under threat of penalty) from one party, sloshed around a bureaucracy for a while, and then shat out somewhere else. Being taxed does not make one generous, nor virtuous. It just makes one free of tax liens.

And this is what really gets me. Because Turd isn't just talking about paying taxes and redistributing wealth. All those tax dollars were paid by people who were required to do so under the law. What he's really talking about is the generosity of all those Tolerant, Caring and Enlightened people who voted for the nimrods who passed laws that made you pay more taxes. That's the real generosity.

A vote! A vote for the candidate who will tax someone else more!

On the one hand, you've got the guy who donates $1,000 to the American Cancer Society, or the local food shelf or some educational institution.

On the other, you've got the brain-dead schmuck who voted for Ted Kennedy.

And in this fool's world, the brain dead schmuck is the virtuous one. My, aren't you compassionate! You voted for some guy!

Maybe he and his "better" friends can remember that the next time they, with a sneer on their lips, refer to liberals as bleeding hearts.

And now you know why we sneer. Because of capriciously arrogant do-nothings like you. Jerkass.


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