Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Moron Mail

Few people know that there are actually 2 steps to holding a moonbat protest demonstration.

STEP 1: Stage the protest.

STEP 2: Bitch and whine to every news outlet on the planet with an e-mail address about the lack of coverage for that protest:

No wonder we keep burying the dead from the Iraq war: The Star Tribune keeps burying the live protests against the war.

On Sunday, the paper buried inside the A section the news that tens of thousands of citizens converged on Washington to protest the war. Americans' opposition to this war deserves front-page coverage if we are ever to see an end to the carnage.


Because there's nothing more newsworthy than your typical bimonthly gathering of a bunch of narcisistic licknobs drunk on impotent rage holding crudely fabricated signs on sticks led by a few equally pompous and increasingly tiresome former celebrities.

We didn't need a newspaper to tell us about your existence. Yet again.

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