Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Of Boobies and Boobs

Two things:

1) Mrs. Foot's surgery was successful. The doctor told me he was able to get "good margins," and the sentinel nodes were negative (which, for those of you on the Strib editorial board, is actually positive news - way counter intuitive, huh?).

She is feeling some ill effects from the anesthesia, which is causing her to feel like barfing. Her nurse was about to administer a more intense anti-nausea drug (starts with a "Z") when I left the hospital.

Mrs. Foot is feeling a little pain. Fortunately for her, the pain is being blunted by her ride on the Happy Plane, ably flown by Captain Morphine.

She should be back home in her own bed - hopefully not barfing - by Thursday. More updates as events warrant.

2) I would like to usher in a new era of smug and empty self-importance here at KAR in 2007. To that end, all KARnies and citizens of KAR-Nation in good standing shall begin all posts and comments with the sentence "I will not be silent!" or words of similar import. This new rule shall be mandatory until such time that, in my estimation, the joke has grown tiresome. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

ONE MORE THING: I just discovered that the Blogspot spell checker does not know the word "boobs". It does however know the word "boobies".

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