Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rock Star in the Blogosphere - Winter 2007

We had a fine slate of nominees for the innaugural KAR award for ThunderJournalistic excellence which we call "Rock Star in the Blogosphere." The KAR editorial staff bandied about the relative merits of some excellent nominees like Glenn Reynolds, Scott Johnson, Mary Katherine Ham and Michelle Malkin. And while none of them won this installment of KRSB, they should take heart that nomination is of itself a special honor.

This season's winner possesses that intangible extra something that deserves recognition. Therefore, KAR's Rock Star in the Blogosphere is:


Yes, even while he pontificates on illegal immigration, bitches about illegal immigration, complains about crimes committed by illegal immigrants, favorably quotes someone else on illegal immigration, kvetches about illegal immigration, excoriates our leaders about their illegal immigration policies or springs rhetorical erections over some firearm or other, Kevin Ecker still can find the time to help me bring home my new chest freezer or treat me to a professional hockey game.

Kevie is the complete deal, and for that he wins the first Rock Star of the Blogosphere title.

Congrats Kevie!

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