Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Save him from himself!

Hello KARnies. I’d like you to meet a weak-willed, brainless, spineless, lemming who is incapable of thinking or speaking for himself: Steven Galatz of St. Paul.

Poor Steve is so bereft of any self-confidence, so lacking in self-esteem, he does whatever his friends tell him to do just so he can fit in:

I must admit that I am a social smoker but I do it out of habit and (I'm embarrassed to admit) peer pressure. But afterward I feel (and smell) terrible. A statewide smoking ban would remove this pressure. I know that even several of my friends who are smokers welcome such a ban for similar reasons.

I truly hope the statewide smoking ban gets passed this year.

St. Paul

I swear to God, I’ve never come across such a weak-tit. Poor Stevie can’t tell his friends he ain’t interested in smoking. Nope, the candy-ass needs government to ban it so he can feel better about himself.

Got that. Stevie needs the nanny state because even though he knows smoking is bad he can’t withstand the pressure to smoke from his friends.

If your friends jumped off a building would you? I hope so, because the only hope we may have of keeping just a few of our freedoms is to weed out the yellow-bellied, nanny state lovers like you.

Grow a fucking spine, Stevie. It will serve you well in life.

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