Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol Season 6 Wrapup

Whew! Where has the time gone? I've been so busy that I am over a week late with my annual post-finale American Idol season in review. So please accept my apologies, and let's get on with the AI Season 6 Review after the jump...

Oh yeah. I'm using a free ThunderJournal hosting service. I can't do that.

Anyhoo on with the show (for the uninitiated, you can read my Season 5 in Review, here)...

Bogus Doug summed up Season 6 nicely not too long ago in haiku:

Some singers amaze
Yet this is not our focus
Amusing fools charm

Indeed. Except for that first line.

Yes, Season 6 had it all: the dizzyingly inept, the humorously talentless and the deludedly awful. And then there were some folks who could hold a note. Those people, I think, won a trip to Hollywood or something. I am happy for them.

The production quality was up this year. The producers offered us AI aficionados the comfort of consistency by opening and closing each audition round with the more pitiful examples of "talent" that strode the the audition room door. And after these extremely entertaining auditions ended we were treated to some of the best insults (or in the case of Paula Abdul, slurred Lewis Carroll-like nonsensical happytalk) of the show. As a genius twist, the folks behind the scenes wedged one of the doors to the audition room shut, causing much hilarity to ensue.

As usual, the material that was sandwiched in between each show's opening and closing disasters tended to be hit-and-miss. Sometimes you would get the guy or gal who was actually convinced that he or she had serious T.A.L.E.N.T., only to sound like a baby seal being clubbed to death with bagpipes. When reality struck in the form of Simon Cowell, the meltdowns were always epic. You could almost see the hubris leaving their bodies (right up until these fools smashed their greels into the door that wouldn't open - HA!).

Unfortunately these entertaining vignettes were offset by singers who actually sounded a little like Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake or some other cookie-cutter disposable pop hero, causing this AI fan to snooze through at least 6 or so auditions. This is a production error that the producers ought to fix, because on more than one occasion, I almost didn't rouse myself in time to see some talentless fat chick dropping f-bombs on Simon left and right, or the one scary guy that looked like he was going to assault the acerbic Brit, but was hauled off by security before he could.

My other major complaint is that, for the 6th straight year, nobody sang an Iron Maiden song. My guess is that their songs are just "too big" for your typical wannabe pop star.

But all in all, this season was littered with enough corpses of overblown egos to make it worthwhile. I eagerly look forward to next season when we can once again enjoy the inspiring spectacle of the high being brought low, and the semi-talented winning a trip to SoCal.

Although, you'd think a show this popular could at least spring for a better travel package prize for the winners. Like Orlando or something.

Eh, just thinking out loud. Anyway, until my breakdown of American Idol Season 7 next year: keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for your butt!

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