Thursday, February 08, 2007

Black on Black hatred

With all this talk about squelching free speech, I just had to comment on the uproar surrounding Don Samuels and his statement that North High should be burned.

The supposed “black community leaders” want Don to resign from the Minneapolis City Council for saying:

"I've said burn North High School down! I can't be paying as a taxpayer for the education of my neighbors and 72 percent of them are failing -- meaning black boys," Samuels said.

Strong words to be sure, but cause for resigning? Give me a break.

Among those seeking Don’s resignation are:

Obie Kipper Jr., activist Spike Moss, Peter Hayden of the nonprofit Turning Point, Al Flowers and Zach Metoyer of the Police Community Relations Council (PCRC) and the Rev. Randy Staten of the Coalition of Black Churches:

Kipper said the group considers Samuels' comments threatening, adding that Samuels speaks "in an arbitrary and capricious" manner "that has resulted in serious concerns" about his leadership ability.

I am sick and tired of these self-righteous, victim-status-claiming, blowhards. The only thing Don threatened is their grip on the very people the purport to care about.

Don’s sin, contrary to what the “leaders” claim, had nothing to so with what he said. On the contrary, his sin was in failing to blame Whitey for the super-sized rate of failures, drop outs and teen pregnancies in their very own “community.”

Spike, Randy and the gang should spend more looking in the mirror and less time attacking those who dare to speak truth to power (that’s for you LF).

So steeped are they in the religion of victim hood, the Jesse Jackson gospel of It’s all Whitie’s Fault, they’ve completely forgotten that there is a little something called free-will involved in how people choose to live their lives and how they choose to react to all things, good and bad, that happen in life.

They’ve forgotten nothing. What’s happened is they’ve fallen in love with the power and attention that come with being a self-righteous, victim-status-claiming, blowhard.

Phonies, each and every one are a phony.

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