Friday, February 09, 2007

Cry Hypocrisy and Let Slip the Dogs of Disingenuousness!

So now I’m an anti-woman bigot.

This will surprise my female friends, of course. But evidently certain dickless wonders (no links to tools, sorry) now have determined that I am horribly anti-feminist because of my support for LearnedFoot.

At any rate, I don’t believe Foot’s characteristically blunt comments crossed a line, and I certainly don’t believe that one angry line in an angry essay is proof of anti-woman bias (even despite the fact that it was actually several angry lines in two posts). It may be a sign that one strongly disagrees with Identity Feminism, but those are not the same thing, and in a pluralistic society cannot be the same thing; if we are not free to criticize other genders we are not free to act according to our own. Foot didn’t say women were evil, or weak-willed, or (as my Grandmother was once taught) that they drink the blood of newborn babes. That’s anti-woman bigotry. Show me where Foot wrote that, and we’ll talk.

Two posts calling out a bunch of fat ill-tempered cows for what they are does not demonstrate any animosity whatsoever. I will continue supporting LearnedFoot, and continue not endorsing any candidate who doesn't hire him.


UPDATE: LearnedFoot tells me that he attended the University of Minnesota. I ask you: how can someone who attended the University of Minnesota - which both admits women and has a Womyn's Studies department - be anti-woman?


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