Thursday, February 15, 2007

Crybaby Keith Ellison

Radical, Leftwing, Black, Muslim US Representative Keith Ellison doesn’t’ like smoking, even when it’s done legally, and he’s willing to call in the police to make his position known.

OK, so his Press Secrety and fellow Radical Lefty, Rick Jauert, called the cops on Republican Tom Tancredo, but the first black from Minnesota and first Muslim ever to serve in the US Congress approved.

Apparently smoking in one’s congressional office allowed, but Ellison’s people or person in this case, would have none of it, so the Capitol Police were called to the scene.

Typical Lefty, rather than knocking on Tancredo’s door like a man and speaking with him, he (his guy) calls the cops.

What an ass – I was going to call him a pig, but I don’t want to offend him.

Did I mention that Ellison is black and Muslim?

Did I also mention that Ellison loves Louis Farrakhan and that Louis Farrakhan hates Jews?

Did you know Ellison said he’s changed, but when Rich Stanek apologized for a 10-year old racial slur Ellison said he wasn’t fit to be Minnesota’s Commissioner of Public Safety.

I take it back, Ellison is a pig.

Make that a hypocritical PIG. Oink, Oink you jerk.

So anyway, the cops show up at Tancredo’s door and, well, do nothing because there’s nothing they can do considering the congressman is doing nothing wrong.

Now, if I’m Tancredo, I’m lighting up as often as possible and making sure the smoke is wafting its way toward Ellison’s office. I am also, from this point forward, hiring only smokers to work on my staff.

Might as well have a little fun while you’re working.

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