Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dear Citizens of KAR-Nation

Please remove your thumbs from your butts.

About three weeks ago I invited all of you to join the team formed by Mrs. Foot for the Race for the Cure, or alternatively, to donate through her team to the Komen foundation to help her reach her fundraising goal. I provided an e-mail address - a familiar one:

- for people to contact me for more information.

Since I posted that request, I have received one - ONE - response. Now, I understand that folks have their Mother's Day plans and their charitable giving budgets. I hate asking people to donate their hard earned cash no matter how worthy the cause is. That's why I hardly ever make these sorts of appeals. In this case I made an exception since the Lovely & Fetching Mrs. Foot asked me to help. I also did so because the cause is one around which everyone can rally: boobies. Everybody out there either has boobies or knows someone who does. So I ask again, if you're interested, please drop me a line and I'll let you know how you can walk with our team in the race ($25 - you get a shirt and, most likely, free beer and grilled meat at my house after the event) or donate to the Komen Breast Cancer foundation.

Secondly, earlier this week I announced the beginning of planning for the 3rd Annual MilF. Again, I posted that familiar e-mail address:

for interested parties so that I could put them on the mailing list to help facilitate our planning.

And again, I have received exactly one - ONE - response. FROM THE SAME GUY WHO RESPONDED TO THE RACE FOR THE CURE APPEAL!!!!!

Now, I know there is more interest in the MilF than that. Last year, over 20 folks signed up, and most of them played. More folks showed up for the PostMilF gala. Of the ones who didn't play or show up for the PostMilF most of their absences was attributable to a scheduling conflict (and in one case, illness). The proverbial good time was had by all and there was much enthusiasm expressed for continuing the tradition.

So, I'm going to ask all of you again - even if you played or attended the PostMilF last year - to drop me a line at:

and let me know if you are interested in playing in the tournament, attending the PostMilF, or both. That e-mail address again is:

You all make me sick. Thank you.

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