Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dumpster Diver Comment or Stone Temple Pilots Song?

Three of the following four quotations are lyrics by the greatest alt-rock band of all time, the Stone Temple Pilots. One of them is an actual comment left on a Captain Fishsticks thread by a member of Obsessive Stalker-Looser's cadre. Can you guess which ones are the drug-fueled hallucinations of Scott Weiland and which is the (????)-fueled ravings of a Dumpster Diver?

A) Kickin as Im tryin to sleep, I got the mud beaneath my shoes. Rubber band, rubber band, gun in hand, gun in hand I wanna use.

Roamin, roamin, roam. Get away, gotta get away. And I think I think too much -
I dont care, yeah and I don't care. Roamin, roamin, roam. Get away, gotta get away. And I think I think too much.

Trippin as Im thinkin about a boy, his name was Sue. He's a man, he's man -Crackerman - crackerman, he's a woman too

B) One time a thing occured to me: Whats real, and whats for sale? Blew a kiss and tried to take it home. It isn't you, isn't me, search for things that you can't see. Going blind, out of reach somewhere in the vaseline.

Two times and it has rendered me punch drunk and without bail. Think I'd be safer all alone. Flies in the vasoline we are; sometimes it blows my mind, keep getting stuck here all the time

C) Craig you are a tired old man with tired ideas which you repeat incessantly and uninterestingly.

Attacking Karl Bremer, who writes far better than you, shows you to be a Michele Bachmann attack dog who she uses because she wants to play victim instead of aggressor.

You are one of her facilitators.

Go to Marcus. Get treatment for assuming the facilitator role.

You are blowing secondhand smoke even when not writing directly about secondhand smoke.
And, sir, you are the one with the vendetta, unhappy because Karl's often called you Bendover instead of Westover.

I understand Michele Bachmann won the election in MN 6 because of demographics in MN 6, and she and Col. Kline are all you have now because Ramstad likely does not want you on his side or near it; but the election, nationwide, is the state of truth for now. Accept that...

Michele Bachmann is less a "conservative" than a homophobic self-promoting shallow individual sponsoring an intelligent design bill to corrupt public education, the continuation of which she appears to oppose while wasting everyone's time wanting to entrench faith healing as if it were medicine, name stuff after Ronald Reagan, and register stillbirths. Her legislative triumphs while in the State Senate for six years.

Yet, she pats your head and scratches your ears and says, "Good voucherman. Nice voucherman." And you roll over and show your belly

D) Regenerate the impoverished souls that echo you. Bleed to feed the masses, soup line two times two. They got your picture from the Sunday Plain Dealer that listed you (dead). Forget the story. There's a bounty on your head - they fingered you!

Right away. Right away. Green light. Get a move on. Right of way, right of way. Stop sign, put the brakes on!

Positive cell regeneration.

Positive cell regeneration.

Celebrate the immortal youth that wasted you. Peel the skin back from all the lies that blistered you. They hold for ransom all the watered down truths that splintered your faith. So sell your soul, because youre already dead - They've listed you.

To the fields where lesser mice go.

To the fields where men follow.

To the fields where lesser mice go.

To the fields where we all follow.

(Answer can be found here.)

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