Monday, February 19, 2007


BUMPED TO THE TOP: Don't forget to bring a pitcher o' grape flava for the 'bats visiting Kline's office tomorrow!

Moonbats who did not receive enough attention as children will once again be drooling on John Kline's home district office:

Each Tuesday, consituents of District 2 will go to John Kline's Burnsville office and request a forum on this issue. This is our only avenue to be heard. We won't change the mind of this Congressman, at least not now, but if real people bring real voices to the table... it will have an effect.

If you feel powerless and frustrated about this war, do something. Bring your voice and your concerns to Kline's Congressional office next Tuesday morning at 9am:

101 W. Burnsville Pkwy #201
Burnsville, MN 55337

Something must be done to stop these self-important know-nothing anachronisms from trying to relive (recreate) their heady Vietnam protestin' days!!!!!

Unfortunately I have a mortgage, a seriously ill wife that requires gobs of health insurance, and two pshychotic children - in other words, a "life". And while the existence of idle minds and hands who apparently achieved enough in their lives to enable them to continue to engage in a pointless activity that wastes the time of all involved validates my view that this is the greatest nation on Earth, I need to go to work. Therefore I am calling on any available KAR-Nationals to do the following:

* Infiltrate the moonbats at Kline's office.

* Carry a sign that reads something like "Do Me For Our Children" or "The Anti-Nuclear Union of Students Demands Withdrawal!"

* Serve the moonbats Kool Aid.

* Give Nick Coleman noogies.

* Demand that the moonbats grant you a forum for you to tell them your opinion on patchouli.

Anybody that sends me a picture of any the above gets a KAR Thong.

This is our only opportunity to speak truth to the deluded. We won't change the minds of these imbeciles, at least not now, but if real people bring real insulting sight gags to the will have the effect of entertaining our readers.

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