Friday, February 09, 2007

Give Foot a Break

Our fearless Executive Editor, LearnedFoot, has taken a great deal of heat for his strongly worded efforts to get hired on by a presidential campaign. Apparently there's a whole cabal of ersatz Lorena Bobitts and their syncophantic dickless wonders who think that Foot's writing samples were misogynist and in extremely poor taste.

The First Amendment gives every person the right to call whomever they please a "cum dumpster", "town whore", "fat cow", "walking vagina", "human bacteria frap", "skank-hole", "skeezy biznitch" or whatever. Blint language ought to be embraced as furthering the public debate. To hold a writer accountable to any standard of decency is un-American.

I want to go on the record as saying that I, OPG, will not endorse any candidate that fails to hire on this brave speaker of truth to ugly patchouli reeking womyn. I know, it's a severe measure, but some things are just too important.

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