Tuesday, February 13, 2007

He got his, but you can’t have yours

Yet again, the Star & Sickle is filled with letters admonishing us for our “lavish” lifestyles and how we contribute to global warming.

Pete Holste’s of North Oaks is one of the more disturbing ones:

I'm gratified to see the recent spate of news regarding mankind's assault on the environment, something that was ignored while the Republican majority in Congress danced with the oil lobby.

But what still needs to be said is that the "human activity," upon which blame for global warming is being heaped, should really read "too much human activity." Earth can support only so many people. Population control has to be as much a part of the equation as a green lifestyle.


Pete is not a fan of us natural-resource-using rabble. He’d rather fewer of us existed so he could continue to live his life among the elite without fear of his conscience being pained.

North Oaks is a pretty darn nice area for those with loads of cash. Prince had a home there as did VP Walter Mondale.

Pete’s home is nestled in the woods (check out the aerial view). I’m not sure if it the one on the right or the left of the red star (how ironic a symbol that is) but either one must cost a small fortune to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Bottom line, Pete is a hypocritical ass who has more than his fair share and he doesn’t want you to have yours.

Why don’t these population-control freaks take it upon themselves to get the ball rolling?

It wouldn’t take Pete long to reduce the population by a count of one.

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