Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Losing his virginity

Hollywood is filled with whores. Not that this is news to anyone, but I’m amazed at how easily Hollywood’s elites will pull their schwanzstuckers from one politician’s sphincter and shove it into another’s without giving a thought to the ass they just abandoned.

David Geffen is just the latest example of how Hollywood pricks that have found a new warm and stinky hole to call home. For most of a decade Geffen, along with most of the rest of the Whoreywood crowd fought mightily to be the first in line to give Bill and Hillary anal tongue darts. My, how things have changed now that a black man is in the race (hold the charges of racism).

The worshipers of diversity, the environment and all things Socialist, are the most transparent of sorts. Without Obama in the hunt, Hillary would be getting daily breast massages from the same phonies who want nothing to do with her today. If Hill gets the nod next year, I guaran-damn-tee Geffen et. al., will fall all over themselves to tell the world what a wonderful leader she would make.

If that happens, Hillary will have to do one hell of an impersonation of Marilyn Chambers to handle all the pricks coming at her then.

For now, however, Obama is the John of the day. Not because Whoreywood is enamored with his policies – although they are – but because he’s young, smart, and articulate and, yes, black. And the elites in the “entertainment capital” love to be seen with the latest fashion.

They love him for all the reasons Joe Bieden highlighted a couple of weeks ago, they are simply incapable of admitting it.

When I think about it, this is no different than going to the zoo to see the traveling exhibit. It’s really cool to look at, but it’s only around for a short time and, in the end, you find yourself in front of the monkey cage watching them fling poop at each other and at you.

(For those who are wont to brand me a racist, notice how Obama is the traveling exhibit not the monkey)

Hang in there Hill, your friends are going to “ride” Obama for as long as they can and when they cum to their senses, you’ll get sloppy seconds.

Just like you got when they pulled out of Bill.

LEARNEDFOOT BLANCHES: OK, this is just gross...

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