Thursday, February 22, 2007

Louis, Louis, he’s gonna go now

Let’s all shed a tear – I know Keith Ellison is – for Louis Farrakhan. The word is that he is scheduled to make his last major address on Sunday, the day the real God set aside for rest.

Here’s the story, sorta:

DETROIT (AP) - Nation of Islam leader[and hero of Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison] Louis Farrakhan is heading into what's billed as his final major address Sunday, and some Muslims are wondering if the fiery orator - now slowed by poor health - will try to repair old divisions between his movement and mainstream Islam.

Sniff, sniff. I’m going to miss the anti-Semitic, racist pig.

The 73-year-old Farrakhan was released last month from the hospital after undergoing a 12-hour abdominal operation [performed by a team of surgeons made of up Jews and white devils] to correct damage caused by treatment for prostate cancer.

His closest brush with the political mainstream probably came in 1995, when he attracted hundreds of thousands of black men to Washington for the Million Man March. [It was at the march that future congressman Keith Ellison, himself black and Muslim, was heard to say, “If I were a chick, I’d let him do me now. I want so much to be his love slave, to have him fill me with his seed that it might grow within me and produce a new generation of Jew haters.”]

The Nation and orthodox Islam diverge on several key beliefs. While mainstream Islam holds that Muhammad was God's last prophet, Nation of Islam had taught that God came in the form of Fard decades ago in Detroit [and was mugged, shot and left for dead by the Nation’s believers shortly after arriving].

A sign of his softer approach came in 2005, at a Washington rally for the Millions More Movement. Unlike the Million Man March a decade earlier, which was for black men only, the rally was open to men and women of all races. [Farrakhan did this, he later said, because he thought it was only right to have the Jewish and white devils in attendance so he could spew his venom at them directly. He was tired of the media soft selling how much he truly hates non-brothers.]

So long you hate-filled bastard, may God, not Fard or Allah or any other made up deity, have mercy on your worthless soul.

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