Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moron Mail: Karaoke Edition


Ya' know, I'm old hat at this. Since I've had so much experience with today's Moronic Correspondent, I'll keep my comments to a minimum and open the floor to the amateurs out there to fisk this hippo:

I believe that Craig Westover ("Embarrassed by Bachmann's votes for conservative values? Hardly," Feb. 16) owes Karl Bremer an apology. Rather than addressing the issues about Michele Bachmann's legislative record that Bremer raises in his column, he refers to the column as "yapping" and makes other ad hominem attacks on Karl Bremer. The other points he made criticizing Bremer used straw-man arguments which misrepresented what Bremer actually said.

What's this? One whole graf with no self promotion? Her game is slipping.

He often criticizes the "Dump Michele Bachmann" blog for being uncivil.

Aha! Traffic's down again, isn't it, Eva?

I think this column shows that he is throwing stones from a glass house. It's interesting that the column as written got through an editor.

Funny, I could say the same...



Have at it KAR-Nation.

Oh, and:


UPDATE: WELCOME DROOLING IMBICILES!!!!!! Are you really that concerned what little old me has to say that you feel the need to e-mail it to everybody in the Mental Midget's Club every. single. time. I write something that may have to do with you mouth-breathers?

[Waving] Hi Eric!!!!! How about an indecipherable comment? Those are funny!

[Waving harder] Hi Bill! Still being unfairly treated and surrounded by... uh, surrounded by...

What were you surrounded by again?

Oh yeah:

William Prendergast is a man who has been unfairly treated his whole life. Surrounded by bigots and morons, Prendergast fights an endless struggle to improve the sorry little planet we all inhabit. An attractive, urbane, cultured and witty individual,Prendergast will one day be recognized as the national treasure he truly is.

If you don't like being surrounded by bigots and morons, why are you still hanging out with Eva and the Short Bus Gang?

Get back to me on that. And...

Read my blog!

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